The idea of RG was born out of a need to make information and knowledge, learning and skills, first-rate expertise and business solutions hub to connect and collaborate with indigenous networks, external constituencies and the rest of the world. We had been looking for ways to improve support for collaborative working and knowledge sharing within RG, and in particular to support cross-functional and geographically dispersed clientele.

At the core of Reflect Global is a purpose and set of values that define who we are. We see these as enduring principles that give meaning to our work beyond simply earning our profit. RG is a multi-disciplinary consultancy Company with a core team of about 15 employees and an extensive network of retained sub-consultants. The services we offer cover the whole policy, programme and project cycle and include research, evaluation, financial and impact assessment, as well as implementation. We offer our services across the environment, social affairs, business and the economy. Our approach is based on four guiding principles – quality, innovation, commitment and value – and is aligned with the purpose and vision of Reflect Global.

In addition to focusing on key business functions, we also have experienced teams that provide management consulting services customized and adapted to each industry/sector. Most of our people are aligned to one or more sectors, with deep insights, knowledge and experience that provide context and richness to the work they do with clients. In addition to the specific experience our people bring to the table, we share a common foundation of knowledge—and an uncommon commitment to delivering results—that produces value for your organization and its shareholders.


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