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Humayun Ishaque Chohan

Advisor- Implementation, Coordination & Quality Assurance (ICQA)

  • Master’s degree in English Literature from the Punjab University Lahore
  • Master’s degree in Strategic Studies from the Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad
  • Diploma in Development Administration from University of Birmingham, UK.

Mr. Humayun Ishaque Chohan became a part of RG’s growing team in February 2015. He brings with him diverse and extensive professional experience of 37 years as a bureaucrat. At RG, he takes the role of “Advisor- Implementation, Coordination and Quality Assurance” thereby ensuring quality assurance mechanisms in everything we do, be it a matter of internal coordination or deliverables of external nature. He retired as Secretary National Reconstruction Bureau (NRB), Prime Minister’s Secretariat, which was an independent and constitutionally established federal institution tasked with the economic recovery and prosperous development through the local government system.

Other career highlights include making valuable contributions in the development and implementation of food policies for achieving high wheat targets and other food commodities besides ensuring food security in the country. His engagement with the Ministry of Labour and Manpower enabled him in making efficacious contributions in the realm of manpower planning, recruitment of professional, skilled, semi-skilled persons and training of Pakistani citizens in various vocational trades / disciplines for employment both in the country and abroad. Further, he also has profound knowledge and experience of project management owing to his engagement as Project Director for UNDP’s funded project, namely ‘Good Governance Group Project’. Similarly he has experience of monitoring and coordinating the Pak – China Project (while working as a consultant in the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council in 2010). The project focused on making interventions in different varieties of seeds so as to improve and enhance agricultural productivity. He also carried out a study on restructuring of National Data Base Registration Authority (NADRA) in 2011 as to make it more effective and people friendly. Despite being on a very senior position at RG, he is a very friendly individual who mingles up well with his colleagues and is always on the prowl of guiding and facilitating his co-workers in order to achieve organizational goals, particularly when it comes to liaison, coordination and correspondence with federal/provincial governments and autonomous bodies etc.

In addition to the above, he has taken part in professional training courses locally as well as internationally. Moreover, he has represented the country in a number of international conferences on public and economic matters including millennium development goals, labour laws, local government systems, decentralization, social sector delivery systems and several others.

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