Conflict Analysis on “Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative”- PSVI

Project Title:Conflict Analysis on “Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative”- PSVI

Type: Research & Analysis

Client: International Alert

Status: Completed

Coverage: District Muzaffargarh, DG Khan (Punjab) and Swat, Nowshehra (KPK)


In collaboration with International Alert, Reflect Global conducted conflict analysis and safety audits in targeted districts through a baseline study to determine the number and types of sexual violence cases (reported and unreported) and  the levels of awareness and perception amongst women about their rights, laws and policies to address sexual violence, dynamics of conflict and peace solutions. In addition to this, a Care Economy analysis with 104 selected households was conducted to study roles of different family members, especially women; in terms of unpaid care work they do at household and community level to highlight the value of contribution in a household economy. This study was based on considering the fact that caring for the human family and community is not only central to human life, it is the economic and social foundation of all economies. Across the world, it is a cultural given that women are the primary care-givers, yet the value and moral imperatives of care work are undervalued, unrecorded and invisible in most societies. As a whole, the study identified the reasons that halt connections between prosperity, peace and equity for women. Sexual violence against women and minors is endemic across Pakistan.

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