Android Visibility Application Development

Project Title: Android Visibility App Development for WWF’s Project- Sustainable Cotton Production in Pakistan’s Ginning SMEs (SPRING)”

Type: Automation

Client: WWF

Status: Completed

Details: Reflect Global has developed a user friendly android application for one of its valuable clients WWF.  The main purpose of the development of this app was to increase  the visibility of WWF’s Project titled “Sustainable Cotton Production in Pakistan’s Ginning SMEs. – SPRING”, which was carried out in cotton ginning sector of Pakistan. The project aimed at demonstrating the importance of sustainable cotton production among the ginners through promoting efficient and sustainable ginning practices. The android app presents the project reporting, different guidelines and manuals prepared for different stakeholders in relation to the cotton ginning sector and allow users to view and read the reports on their android device 24/7, even offline.

Key features of this app are as follows:

• User friendly interface developed specifically for Android powered devices.
• Works without an internet connection once downloaded on android device.
• Help guides for ginners, farmers and researchers.
• A scroll bar to facilitate user to skim through the reports.
• Navigation option to skip the unwanted screens and go directly to the publication section.
• Lets users view the reports in list or thumbnail version.
• A feedback email which provides a platform to interact with the WWF Spring Project professionals for advice, feedback and guidance.

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