Who we are?

Reflect Global is a team of dedicated experts registered as a service providing firm ‘Reflect Global (RG)’ in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Our firm’s mission is driven by strong commitment to providing Quality Research, Training and Organizational Development services to all clients in Asia and beyond through the firm’s Reflect, Act and Impact Model.


Our History

Unlike numerous not for profit organizations which quite unknowingly fall an easy prey to revenue generating practices deviating enormously from their institutional theories of change to become a complex and totally indecisive entities, Reflect Global (RG) in Pakistan has clearly positioned itself as a fully autonomous registered business firm which in fact directly influences all those drivers of change which promotes personal and socio-economic well-being, self-reliance, indigenous knowledge and learning, skill and social enterprise development through positive reflective actions.

Reflect Global is an outcome of a reflective thinking and learning of a handful of highly motivated like minded professionals and practitioners from both development and corporate sectors. Breaking away from the shackles of projectised approaches and donor driven implementation strategies, the re-thinking and reflection process which had been incubating for the last couple of years finally gave birth to a contagious idea called Reflect Global as one of the most vibrant and live platforms for local, regional and global consultants and practitioners to Reflect, Act and Impact. Building on the universal principles of interconnectedness and complementarity, RG strongly believes in strengthening the naturally and strategically evolving horizontal and vertical linkages and synergies of social fabric particularly those elements which contribute to and influences others which ultimately transcend all geographical, ethnic, gender, racial and language boundaries. And one little idea and contribution can go global in terms of its impact.

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